Living Answers

Living Answers, 1997

All our lives are living answers—
to prior questions asked;
from each springs a golden band,
to present from the past.
From cause to effect,
to here and cause again—
to every question where,
and every question when.
My father in his pickup truck,
called my mom and asked,
“would you like to take a ride?”
He called a quarter past.
Past eleven and she met him,
at the end of a lonely street.
Under a lonely streetlight,
for him her love to greet.
She climbed up in his truck,
and took hold of his hand.
He asked if she was ready.
She said “yes,” and they made me.


Published by

Brandon K. Nobles

Brandon is an author, poet and head writer for Sir Swag on YouTube. With 630k subscribers. Since February 2021 he has written for the most important and popular series, News Without the Bulls%!t and the least popular work on the channel, History Abridged. Brandon joined the channel in late January, since then his work has been featured every month in News and History. His novels and works of fiction have also been well received, and he continues to be a proficient and professional chess player. In his spare time he like to catch up on work.

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