No, Nonsence

No, nonsense. Who doesn’t like soup? I saw a dog the other day. The tree was yellow. They kissed under the sun a dog walked by them. Cat’s aren’t fail proof. Just because they let you serve them, doesn’t mean they’re going to take any bullshit. The gutters have gasoline rainbows. It was about seven inches, maybe it was shorter in the past and I was taller but we grew by proportion and he remained an Olympic contender. Where do shovels come from? I think women are proportionately attracted to the amount of shit you can make them believe. Chess against a machine. Fuck Deep Fritz. I’ve never had any problem with rabbits. The pie is on the stove. Moscow, I think. Extreme Jenga, real buildings, fifteen packs of kool-aid and an assault rifle, the AR-15. I fucked this one girl when I fifteen. Mom called and I answered the phone, my dick still disagrees, but I told her, I’m talking FIVE DEEP on a 14 year old on a waterbed. I’m in the middle of something. Dropped my pants, you forgot something mesdames. I dream that shit is a vacant womb. Surprise, is this revenge? I have a ballpoint pen. It’s spelled with two R’s. Two, that—that’s it, just two. He hung the phone and no one mourned. 9 inches. I never saw that movie. Yeah, but that doesn’t mean the employment rate is going up. I’ve never eaten a sandwich upside down. Of course I thought about it. Who hasn’t taken a hit or two? Somewhere in Arizona I think. Yeah, they’ve been there for years. Intelligent design sign under the neck of a Siamese twin who shares his brother’s nose. Fuck, they smelled the same shit all the time. He died from falling off a horse. Nah, get back in the car. Fucking bums where you going? A pastrami I think. No. Well, I mean, if you’re going to put a thousand dollars on a dog you better know what kind it is it could be one of those little seizure dogs. Did you eat the fucking rice? Did you? I ate a bunch of rice. Two sentences ago the idea died. How old was he? Hit the fucking mailbox! Knock knock. Who’s there? Fuck you. 2:30 I think. Do you have change for a twenty? No, I heard it makes you see shit. Twists your brains around a crazy finger. The approval of the café manager’s sanitary work environment took home the PGA tour after somebody shot him. The jungle book is racist look at King Louie if that’s not roses tyrants live for nothing. The point is not to make sense. Justified schizophrenia by Sam. Is there any ice cream left? Why not storm Dracula’s castle during the daytime, or bought a flash light. Tom Cruise is 3ft 9” tall. At least his dick is proportionate profession obligatory tom cruise that yuppy fuck who won’t shut up. You know, in the early days of the industrial revolution, the mayonnaise was in great demand. Somebody accepted Jesus into their heart and three days later he burst out like the alien in that Ridley Scott flicker. Dinosaurs had gigantic brains but never a book. Oprah farts all the time. The skinny one dug a hole the fat one couldn’t escape. I’ve never seen that color blue. What do you call it? Coffee, like the name, and spelled like the name, this is promnesia from three days ago. I forgot to type the words. The page was not in the mood. Imagine a guy poking you in the face all fucking night. I lost my contacts. What’s Word’s email address? you would see the rise of the technological coup. The first day on the new computer. For what? I am posed as an alien who loves cheese. Fuck football . I’ve got another rug to use for when Steven comes by. WHAT? Braking news: somebody is on fire. An ice vendor saved his life. I like ice cream. Do you? I never saw that movie. Then fuck you too. I hate that band. Aids should arrive sooner than expected. abort! abort! subject is aware of the experiment.

Published by

Brandon K. Nobles

Brandon is an author, poet and head writer for Sir Swag on YouTube. With 630k subscribers. Since February 2021 he has written for the most important and popular series, News Without the Bulls%!t and the least popular work on the channel, History Abridged. Brandon joined the channel in late January, since then his work has been featured every month in News and History. His novels and works of fiction have also been well received, and he continues to be a proficient and professional chess player. In his spare time he like to catch up on work.

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