How Science Disproves Ghosts (Or Makes Them More Terrifying)

I’m not against the idea of a spirit, of any sort, nor am I against the idea that our soul or consciousness might survive the death of our body. It’s unlikely and absurd, but it happens.
Since physics and nerdiness went pro, a surge in interest of all things uninteresting has, like the preeminently uninteresting TV show The Big Bang Theory, persisted in the recent pop-culture landscape. I think a prequel to The Big Bang Theory, taking place before the titular Bang, would be a much funnier and more interesting show.


The early seasons were the best.

But physics is a heartless, soul-crushing beast with no capacity for joy (like your mom.) So, before you give up the ghost, or talk about something you terrifying you totally saw one night as a kid that scarred you for life (which was also your mom), consider …

5 To change in color, light has to heat up

Physics is an academic discipline dedicated to many goals: telling people how and why things behave as they do and answering powerful and profound questions that have long plagued humanity: What is the nature of time, how did the universe begin, and how would a Star Trek transporter really work?


Scotty’s fucked. Also, the entire population of Rigel X.

The black body problem, despite sounding like a Fox News talking point, was an infamous problem in late 19th century physics: Why does light change color when heated? At the time, light was still universally thought to be the electromagnetic wave as described by the equations of James Clerk Maxwell defining electromagnetism / the spectrum of visible light of James Clerk Maxwell, but he was completely stumped. In 1900, a German student named Max Planck was tasked by Maxwell himself to solve the problem. Planck’s solution led to the hypothesis of the quantum leap, basically meaning: when light heats up, an electron (a subatomic particle) makes a leap to occupy a higher orbit. Translating this it means: there is a transition from one state to another and an emission or absorption of a quantum (a discreet packet of energy). Light changes color when heated as natural light. So to make a substance become a duller color, the heat must go down (the heat of a body, that is).


To see a ghost, the light would have to be generated by it – and if it is slightly opaque (a fancy word for see-through) that means it is made of light. First, in order to appear (instead of always being visible) it would have to heat up its own particles. To be more than one color, the ghost would be in control of raising the temperature of the particles which make it up, if it consisted of more than one color, that is with eyes or hair, it would have control over individual particles of light – warming and cooling itself with each motion – as interactions between other light sources can change its refractive colors across the rods and cones that make up your eye’s light-detectors.

hotel                                                          All work and no play gives Jack radiation poisoning.

So whenever you see a ghost, either you’re brain is playing tricks on you, or that recently-departed earthbound spirit that just walked through the wall is capable of nuclear power. Do you know what happens when you can meddle with particles and release the energy within?

Lost lock on them, sir.

                                                                              Who weeps for Rigel X?

Speaking of walking through walls …


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