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I have for the better part of my life been a hardworking and dedicated author. And yet, as every prospective author knows, the extent to which your work is valued is based upon the discretion of those whose knowledge of your work rarely comes from any comprehensive reading or understanding of your material. I have spent countless days, and weeks, months and years on projects; poetry, fiction and non-fiction, essays in academia, and plays. The amount of time spent on each work is never a guarantee that it will be accepted by a publisher. As publishers will rarely read an unsolicited manuscript, it is often a necessity to have a literary agent. Most first-time authors either don’t have the money to hire an agent or have no time between their day job—which they often hate—and the work they do with passion. Word’s Worth Publishing is founded on the principle that every registered user will have access to copy-editing, marketing, cover design, and publication without exception. Any and every author who is willing to work with us will not only have their work accepted and published; it will also be promoted and supported; a Wikipedia-esque biography is the first step to accessing the publishing service of Word’s Worth.
Registration is a one-time payment of $10 for permanent biography hosting and $20 for permanent, no exceptions publishing. Registration pays for a permanent presence on the Word’s Worth Wiki, allowing authors to create their biography as one would create and inform with a typical Wikipedia article. With that registration prospective clients will also have access to a permanent publisher; no matter how many books, no matter their content, no book or poem or intended to be published piece of art or literature will be rejected by our staff and editors. Each new client, upon registration, will be given a representative agent who will personally work with the author in all aspects of the publishing process. The author will work directly with their editor and each author will get the attention deserved by any and all who desire, above all else, to be heard; the right to be remembered is, above all else, what we intend to offer every user of our service, without exception.
Our strategy is multi-faceted as is our media campaign. Primarily the registration service is to be a part of a Wiki similar to but instead of movies, TV shows and video games, our database will be dedicated exclusively to writers and their work. From the main page you will see upcoming releases, have access to the highest rated books, as well as reviews, contests, and trivia. Second, a YouTube channel will be created as a way by which our new clients’ material will be advertised and reviewed. Along with the promotional material will be tutorials, poetry and readings of passages from great books of the past and new books coming soon from Word’s Worth Publishing, language learning guides, reviews of classic books and poems, top 10’s in numerous different categories. This channel will be a means by which the third, and most important, campaign for clients. The third campaign will be to foster a community united by their love for art, literature, and history, and as a group will provide feedback, a personal guarantee to every author who decides to become a registered client of the Word’s Worth Publishing and Marketing company will have their work not only published but professionally edited, designed, have a cover made by a degree holding graphics designer, and their account managed by a degree holding and experienced marketing agent. Bringing together an active, participatory community guarantees a level of recognition, feedback, and the joys of having one’s voice not only heard, but appreciated and interpreted and discussed by a diverse group of artists from many different cultures and from all walks of life.
The way we will decide how to publish a book will be based on more than the blind acceptance and publication of all submitted material. When a submission is made, a member of our staff (with a degree in English or creative writing or even myself) will make personal contact with the prospective author and work with them to bring the material up to the high publication standards of Word’s Worth Publishing. Although we want to be known for never rejecting someone’s work, we also want to be known for the quality of our publications and the dedication we show to all of our registered clients. Additional (but optional fees) for cover design, web site design, and ads will also be discussed though not mandatory. The initial payment will be $10 or perhaps $20 to start with a permanent web presence of the new client’s autobiography, but will guarantee the editing, design, and publication services of Word’s Worth Publishing.
Our initial marketing strategy for ourselves is what all of the money of the first investors will be spent on outside of paying for a website and paying to copyright our logos and trademarks, etc., and that strategy will be to propagate the idea of how revolutionary the new company is; it will give the entire human race the right to be heard, the assumption of value, and the right to be remembered. Our first publicity stunt will be the reading of a passage of literature and then using the NASA website to send it into space, thus allowing it to achieve a kind of immortality. Next will be centered around the “groundbreaking” and “emotional rollercoaster” publication of a book ghostwritten from the perspective of an eight year old girl whose desire to start a charity for autism is inspired by seeing the struggles of her little brother. It will make the statement that we put all of our clients’ thoughts and work on the same level and give it the same importance. To publish a book by an eight year old about her inspiration for her Art for Artism Charity is the type of book that gets you on Oprah.
Along with this, submissions from authors we personally believe could be huge stars will be invested in by our staff personally and chosen by a member of the staff. These projects will be treated like futures, a type of stock in which we feel our own personal monetary investment will pay huge dividends. We will not appear to push nor hype these submissions we have more faith in than other submissions but our first phase marketing push will be focused on books that address the type of emotional topics with the raw clarity which will be presented as something of beauty and brilliance previously rejected by dozens of mainstream publishers. Our marketing strategy will be focused on the many number of great books of which we know were first rejected before later gaining huge followings and critical and financial success, such as Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling, Ulysses by James Joyce, Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs, and even Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
That is to be our gimmick; it is our ability to see potential in misunderstood but brilliant young talent who have been shunned by fickle, traditional “old media publishers” which we will use in all press communications to describe all publishers but ourselves, where we will portray them as valuing only the possibility for money and financial success while we operate under the idea that all of human expression has the same value and we will work tirelessly to bring the vision of formerly unpublished authors to the public, each time triumphing how it was “somehow rejected by old media publishers” – this makes us Statue of Liberty publishing company: we accept the tired, the poor, the huddled masses; but those we do accept will be groundbreaking, exceptional, and the revolutionary aspect of our software and unorthodox method of dealing with prospective clients will be our primary self-marketing strategy.
Here is a partial, possible mission statement:
Word’s Worth Publishing was originally founded by author Brandon Keith Nobles March of 2015 as a way help authors struggling to find a publisher, promote literacy and education and also function as an outlet for writers and artists to come together to promote their material and help fellow members find new ways to share their material soon emerged as a mission worthy of true dedication and effort. As well as functioning as an organization of writers and artists, it is also intended to be a database of creativity and freedom of expression. Brandon is a novelist and essayist with a lifelong love for stories and language and Diana is a unique and eloquent poet who has advocated r education as well as worked in publishing. She now does ABA therapy with autistic children to help them learn to read and is pursuing a degree to be a better teacher. Our mission is to bring together those who wish to promote their own artistic projects and work for the greater good of all our staff and members. We want to take the first steps towards creating a new Renaissance wherein humanity is once again motivated by self-improvement over material gain and wealth. Our community is a community of the world, whose patriotism lies in the dignity of life on Earth and the equality of value in every culture.
We will feature a variety of content from the founders, including exclusive previews of their upcoming film and publications as well as weekly content including interviews, editorials, artist profiles, publications by an international staff (to be selected upon application) and selected content from contributors looking for someone who will take their work as seriously as they do. We wish to provide more than sound, but the largest collection of empathetic listeners ever assembled to promote the importance of understanding and the ability for art and literature to define human beings and define their culture. We are dedicated to preserving the artistic heritage of mankind from a worldwide perspective as well as documenting it as it moves forward as a means, to promote cultural exchange, to give a voice to anyone who wishes to express and contribute to the finer aspects of our nature, to work with charity and donate books to underfunded schools, to make eBooks and book notes and reviews free for students, and ultimately foster a culture unashamed of reading and writing, a culture where being a reader is no longer stigmatized and intellectualism no longer shunned.
If you wish to be a part of our movement or submit content for consideration, contact us at and let us know what kind of work you do and in what capacity you would you like to be a part of The Word’s Worth Publishing Movement. If you’re looking for an audience, submit first a “What my Word’s Worth” testimonial and describe what you’d like to have us review. The authors of the world define it more so than Kings and Queens, and in that capacity, we wish to make royalty of everyone with a voice and courage to work for the betterment of themselves and the Word’s Worth Publishing movement
Finished for the moment, I will continue to work on this over the next few days as we get the website registered and when we get the money to pay for the web design I will further work on a “mission statement” which will describe and announce us to the publishing world. If you have any suggestions on how to make this better from a marketing perspective, please let me know and, once again, welcome to Word’s Worth, Jeff.
With a handshake,
Brandon K. Nobles


Published by

Brandon K. Nobles

Brandon is an author, poet and head writer for Sir Swag on YouTube. With 630k subscribers. Since February 2021 he has written for the most important and popular series, News Without the Bulls%!t and the least popular work on the channel, History Abridged. Brandon joined the channel in late January, since then his work has been featured every month in News and History. His novels and works of fiction have also been well received, and he continues to be a proficient and professional chess player. In his spare time he like to catch up on work.

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