#2 – When the Only Move is the Only Move

Of Brandon’s games to get any attention, they did so when positions and games were shown by the extremely popular agadmator, whose twitter shared the following game when Brandon first played it. To date, Antonio Radic’ has shared 3 games, 1 of which has been shown on this list, and the following; for most of the middle game and into an obvious winning position for white, Brandon was able to tie down white’s pieces just enough, force the opponent to continnue playing best moves – when he himself is being a gambler – though making progress for white looks easy. The pieces for black, despite their being fewer of them, they exert far more pressure; the king’s position has been shattered, but the immediately play of white requires some piece activation. Black’s pieces are majestic, and the only piece in white’s camp looking into black’s is a bishop staring at its own pawn.

splitting pawns for long term pressure and open lines.

Though Brandon will lose a piece, quality, time, and complications will compensate for the material loss; in addition, white’s pawn structure inhibits the pieces and limits their mobility, giving them little room for improvement or attack. Meanwhile, the white king is weakened by g4, despite the fork, which will prove to be a bridge too far for white – one unable to be held.

A clearance sacrifice, or positional piece sacrifice, is giving up a piece to otherwise expose an enemy king, kill their piece or pawn coordination, or for long term strategic advantages that will present a number of problems for the opponent. Mikhal Tal said, “You must take your opponent into a deep, dark forest where 2+2 = 5 and the way out is big enough only for one.”

Remember kids, pawns do not go backwards, and you open the defenses in front of your king at your own peril.

Fair enough; Brandon exchanges the only pieces on board capable of “getting over” the wedges uncomfortably planted within white’s positions, a structure that severely blocks in and makes passive white’s entire forces.

A look at piece activity and reach; though black’s pieces will be fewer in number, the opponent’s pieces will be inferior in quality. Whereas all of black’s pieces are extremely limited, with a knight in the center the best piece of white’s, and about to fit will be a move before the game ends before white would finally get his last piece into the game. From here, the following sequence led us here. White’s bishop hits two squares, the light squared bishop can’t go forward, and the queen and queen’s rook are similarly struggling to influence the game.

Queen takes knight — in order to preserve the exchange, though taking the light squared bishop might have been a better attempt – white is still given a completely winning position, yet the time to untangle is not there:

Queen takes knight; now boxed in and capable of going only backward. White can take three pieces in this position, and doesn’t actually blunder – though again, it was not too late to take the light squared bishop, a weak complex that will hurt white later.

Taking with the bishop could have done a lot to solve white’s temporary problems, but the light squared bishop will now breathe fire; the key move within all of this and first brilliancy over his career, this game would feature two; one, human awarded; the second, as evaluated by chess.com.

What good is a phone, if you are unable to speak? The best move is to take the knight, and white is still “comfortably” a piece up.

So, Bc4, saving the piece and cutting off the king’s breathing room, limiting his space to literally one square; white takes instead of pushing – gxh5, black executes the plan from the moment of the fork after – gxh5, and white activates his bishop with Bxh5 – snatching a pointless pawn and – and voila, the white king is extremely exposed, and it will take white several moves to organize his pieces in such a manner as to put any pressure on the black position. From this point forward, Brandon would play only moves; move after move he chose the engine’s #1 recommendation, forcing white to play as precise as a Fish; And it begins with the most important, first award in his career:

How is it possible to put pressure on the position – one move will not make black better; but only one continues the fight.

White is a move away from being mated, and the black rooks are coming – pay attention to the white rooks and how inhibited they are by white’s static structure; computers are famously terrible in closed positions.

White compounds his earlier crime of g4 by pushing more pawns in front of his king, though it was unclear what else to do.

Though the engine gives white the advantage, we must remember these are estimations of which neither play is possibly aware. A position can be totally winning despite being fucking nightmarishly difficult to play. Though Brandon concedes the luck, when the one chances comes, the pagan finds it and finds it immediately. The final position might have been different in the hands of a master, but the gambler who split his pawns to open up and mobilize rooks, he was betting that in a short, short while, his pieces would threaten so much that white would break. When white flinched, that’s all it took. This game is a warm-up to the game that made Brandon a player whose games were shown, though he had as many disasters for the first years – that is, when he began playing in 2017 when he fail ill on account of him being out of drugs.

There’s a rule in his house; always sacrifice the exchange. And black plays the winning move, RxBg4!!

Now, black is slightly better, but of course you can’t take the rook be–

Okay, man, okay. Black to play and mate in 3.

Take my wife, please!

Now, the next game is played by two players who are much more mature, and by a gambler who has learned not to always bet the house on every round. So this game was a grind from the start.

2020 – PavelJezovic – IM – rtg. 2590
sisyphusunemployed 2190 ? (provisional) – Brandon plays the Sicilian against a prodigy, known for sacrifice and tactically sharp games.



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