Top 10 brilliancies: The Best Chess Moves of My Career

A brilliancy is broadly defined as a particularly difficult or complex move that is both hard to find and even more difficult to pull off over the board. These moves usually involve impossible looking moves, moves which look mysterious or even ridiculous at first glance but become obvious in their purpose as the combination unfolds.

This is my personal top 10 brilliancies, that is the blue, double !! designation for a move as awarded by the evaluation software on

Another aspect of a brilliancy is that it gives the player who finds it a win, a forced mate or is the only move in the position that gives advantage.

These moves will be presented first by showing the position as it is before and after the move is played. I will return when more time affords me the ability to speak at more length about the games as a whole. At the end of each example, I will link to the entire game.

For me a brilliancy is usually the most brutal, pagan, sacrificial move or series of move which gives a winning position when the violence ends.

See if you can spot the winning moves in the following positions.

10. Black vs 2024 in reversed sicilian;

Take a minute to find the most forceful move.

Here, white’s best move is to give up his queen and try to avoid getting mated. This sparkling move comes at the tail end of a hard fought game against a tough fighter and fierce attacking player.


2 in one: back to black blues

take your time and find the

fuck it attack!

now what? looks like the attack is over. only way forward is ATTACK!

Take your time to work out the mate in …. ATTACK!

8 – double trouble again!

what would a pagan do?

and, again?

Finish him!

check the whole game here:

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the top, and there is plenty to look forward to. Here’s a preview of the brutality:


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Brandon K. Nobles

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