Sometimes a Cigar is More than a Cigar: Allegory

EVEN IN THE MOST ORIGINAL AND IMAGINATIVE narratives, it is common to start somewhere identifiable and familiar to the reader. This is a universal element of literature, the establishment of a reference point, a commonality. As much as I would like to start the insanity with the first sentence, and I really, really would, it is inconceivable if you intend to be understood. If not… Continue reading Sometimes a Cigar is More than a Cigar: Allegory


Goodbye Earth

Goodbye Earth, 1994

Goodbye Earth,
goodbye dreams,
goodbye pretty things I’ve seen.

Goodbye family,
goodbye friends,
goodbye to leaves that drift in wind.

Goodbye love,
goodbye hate,
goodbye those who forever wait.

Goodbye me,
goodbye skies,
goodbye to the endless why’s.

Goodbye Earth,
goodbye time,
goodbye little life of mine.