Poem: Improv op 29

A poem a tale about a shadow
that crept along the wall
it’s frail silhouettes curtain call
Ta-da, it’s done
the show has stopped
the sun has gone,
the seagulls of the surf had flown.
To a new place one word of black
with light shaped bullets through
criss crossed in pairs so debenair
the sandstorm settled too.

All is calm what a miracle mile
where kids never have problems
only to smile,
to cheris what they did not ask for,
just for a little while.
A little while to learn it all
to raise your standards watch them fall
as moons above like circling doves pass by and then they’re gone.

The only thing left when time bereft the theft of breadcrumbs,
the place in the sky where nobody cries
where people just talk and grow old
sit on a front porch watching the fireflies
thickets full of wilted rose subdued by the eyes
half asleep and half awake
for some whim or fancy take
through the world, a ride, a show
a timid play for virtue sorrow
look at this it’s a smile
look at this such a grin
you’re never going to see it again.
Look through the door
that’s you on the floor
and you’re smiling like nothing is wrong
and in the room you hear faint a tune of a loved one singing along.
the days and nights ha-ha’s and frights
and Eve:
the one that made the monsters leave.

The monsters who in numbers grew and shouted night and day
and bit by bit took all took it took all happy away
miserable lay the sun whose rays at last will lastly blow away
the marbles by the earthen sky forever come and grow
our shouts and calls to god are small
and he’s the star of the show.
Maybe in the encore,
before the act is done,
God himself will come.
He’ll stand before the quiet rows
with no one there to here
and when they’re all gone like nights a faun
turns into dim a show.
Until then a when we wait
for God himself to show himself at last
because all of us who live will die
before we’ve glimpsed those golden eyes
but now we’re dreadfully tired.
The timid kids went out and hid
the fire in the eyes faded
and partly jaded closed the lids
from the light that hides the dark
in it’s bag of mail
a hail, perhaps a chance to rain
today it seems, my hopes and dreams,
did not fit the part.
Other actors stormed the stage
where one I laid upon and stayed
in the lights of fortune fair.
When life was good and when we would
together laugh and snare.
Those were the days when kids when they played
played with a smile on their faces
and the ones who stood apart
singled out right at the start
and gave a path for him to walk
through corridors where often doors
opened and the squawk
decaying wood sometimes it would
would never let me start

Commandetore, le capisce?
Didn’t you say when lonely I paid
just for internal peace
of mind where there I’d find
all the things to me sublime
family there and Christmas night
In the trees electric light
zig zags across the grown.
A ferris will goes up, goes down,
what once was a smile is now a frown
one to take it away
and once what you said while alone in your bed,
lord will you answer today?
Why did she die you saw us cry what alibi
is there for that whose lives you had
and dropped into the sand
swept it up and walked away and feeble gripped the hands
the hands that held the hollow shell
of what was once a man.
A man who thought and with this bought
shame and confusion, contempt
ballet shoes and there the muse
in a locked cage now is kept
so all the tears and all the fears
will not be swept again
so they’ll swell and one day wail
and fall onto the ground.