A Brief History of History

Note: this is the Forward ‘A Brief History of History’ from my 2014 non-fiction textbook Undressing Gaia – a History of Nature’s Law; it is an in depth look at some of the most important ideas and names in classical physics, covers the evolution of ideas towards what we think of them today, and looks at some of the men and women we have to thank for dedicating their lives to this age-old pursuit of knowing. It covers the development of physics over the course of 2000 years and ends with the discovery of quantum mechanics at the turn of the 20th century, as to be help us  

For the first 97% of our time on this planet, it doesn’t seem like we asked too many questions. It seems that we have inherited the God’s of old. For most of the history of our species, regardless of where we are born and live, we’re introduced to varying explanations of what was the reason or force behind the existence of the universe. These explanations make up the folklore that is found around the world. It is an established notion that wherever there is a group of people, living in isolation and autonomous amongst themselves, they will have a creation myth… Continue reading A Brief History of History